Friday, January 18, 2013

St. Therese of Carmel 3 October 2004 9am Mass


Numbers from current hymnal
We Walk by Faith 583
Here I am Lord 671
violin, clarinet or oboe(?), and piano instrumental for preparation
We Remember 578
Closing The Servant Song 661
Closing Faith of Our Fathers 579

The first recording I have from St. Therese has "the twins" playing violin. Their names are Mark and Michael Doering. They brought me fresh eggs from time to time, which pretty much spoiled me for eggs. They stopped playing with us about 6 years ago. Viktor Schektman plays piano and organ. 

Dr. Sarah Lopez was the music director - I recognize her voice at the beginning of the service. We'd just changed the name of the church from St. William of York to St. Therese of Carmel. The statue out front had recently been commissioned. 

The audio quality is limited due to the equipment used (plug-in microphone on a 1st generation iPod - you can hear the hard drive spin up from time to time!) but the choir sounds bright, lots of soprano, and clear diction.

There sounds like there is another instrument in there as well - maybe a clarinet or oboe.

Maria Peterka very humorously appealed for wise men to audition for the Christmas Play "Three Wise Men and a Baby". 


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