Sunday, February 24, 2013

St. Therese of Carmel 23 February 2013 5:30pm Men's Choir

Mass Recording

Before Mass: Only Love by Patrick Bradley – sheet, Devin on verses
Gathering: # 512, Christ, Be Our Light, vs. 1 & 2
Psalm: Ps. 27, # 29 The Lord is My Light, Fred and Devin on verses
Preparation: # 403 Jesus, the Lord
Communion: # 692 Take, O Take Me As I Am
Meditation: # 410  Return to God
Closing: # 401/400 Tree Of Life/ Adoramus Te, Tree of Life – General Lenten verse, then 2nd Sunday verse, then go to 3-part Adoramus Te

Mass Parts:
Gospel Acclamation: pg. 16 with Lent 2 verse
Holy: pg. 20
Memorial Acclamation: pg. 26
Great Amen: pg. 30
Our Father:
Lab of God: pg. 34

Father Ed was the presider, assisted by Deacon John Fanelle.

The Men's Choir sang, directed and accompanied on the piano by Laura Lotz.

Omega Orchestra supported the Men's Choir. Paul Williamson on Trumpet/Flugelhorn, Aaron on French Horn, Vincent on oboe, Lynda on flute, and Michelle Thompson on violin.

The homily was wide-ranging, with Father Ed opening with a discussion of how Jesus taught his apostles how to pray and how Jesus tried to teach them how important prayer was to Him. Rather than just being a process of simply saying the words, prayer needs to move the heart and reform the thinking.

"Love God. Love your neighbor. That's all there is to it."

This morning, Father Ed was one of several priests at a Mass of Anointing of the Sick.

Father Ed described it as follows.

As I was standing in the back with the others, I noticed someone standing in the back, perhaps ill at ease. The celebrant at the homily went into the whole idea of the anointing of the sick, your sins are forgiving. We went to the actual anointing. The man in the back of the church was anointed. He then died, being taken away in an ambulance. He came for that anointing, he was anointed, all his sins were forgiven, and almost immediately, he was standing in front of the God that created him.

When we pray the Our Father, and we say "forgive us our trespasses", may we always be reminded of stories such as this particular anointing of the sick.


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