Friday, January 18, 2013

St. Therese of Carmel 10 October 2004 9am Mass


Numbers from current hymnal
Instrumental Prelude Do Not Be Afraid Mark and Michael Doering on violin and clarinet(?) or oboe(?)
Opening Praise To The Lord The Almighty
Psalm All The Ends of the Earth
Offeratory Amazing Grace
Instrumental Communion Anthem 
Communion How Great Thou Art
Meditation Do Not Be Afraid I am With You
Closing Now Thank We All Our God

Dr. Sarah Lopez, music director, welcomed parishioners and introduced the songs. 

The audio quality is limited due to the equipment used (plug-in microphone on a 1st generation iPod - you can hear the hard drive spin up from time to time!) but the choir sounds good. Plenty of soprano, and clear diction. One can hear a lot of descant during the hymns. 

Meg Casey appealed for eScrip sign-ups. This was a change from the paper scrip program, where you bought scrip from the church and turned it in at the grocery store. The eScrip program registered grocery club cards, and the scrip became automatic. Yearly renewals were required in eScrip, with October being the re-up month for St. Therese eScrip. 

The St. Therese movie was out, and parishioners were encouraged to see it in theaters. Read about the movie here: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0286218/


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