Friday, January 18, 2013

St. Therese of Carmel 17 October 2004 9am Mass


Instrumental Prelude You Satisfy the Hungry Heart. Violin duo of Mark and Michael Doering. Oboe (clarinet?). Piano played by Viktor Schektman. 
Opening Sing a New Song
Psalm All The Ends of the Earth 
Preparation On Eagle's Wings
Instrumental Anthem piano, oboe and/or clarinet, violins
Communion I am the Bread of Life
Meditation You Satisfy The Hungry Heart
Closing I am the Life of the World

Dr. Sarah Lopez, music director, welcomed parishioners and introduced the songs. Father Nick was the presider. 

Rain was noted by Father Nick, after 180 days of dry weather, to be an answer to Robert's prayers. The emphasis on incorporating prayer into daily life and persevering in prayer was made over the course of the Mass. Prayer being an essential ingredient of life, should be done consistently and well. Father Nick reminded people not to park in the bike lane, otherwise the police will ticket cars. Knights of Columbus and Scouts were outside selling Tootsie Rolls as a charity fundraiser for the mentally disabled. Laura Olveri spoke about the Fiesta Fundraiser Auction, to be held in May. Her co-chairs were Mary Renolds and Elizabeth Hutton. Laura solicited donations for the silent auction. Funds were to go towards the building fund. 

The audio quality is limited due to the equipment used (plug-in microphone on a 1st generation iPod - you can hear the hard drive spin up from time to time!) This particular file was overdriven. The singing was especially affected, but the spoken parts are acceptable. The choir is very intelligible, with clean diction and generally good balance. 


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