Saturday, January 19, 2013

St. Therese of Carmel 24 October 2004 9am Mass


Opening Gather Us In
Psalm All the Ends of the Earth
Preparation Blest Are They
Instrumental Anthem piano, clarinet, violins
Communion Come to the Water
Meditation We Have Been Told
Closing Somebody's Knocking at your Door "if you can't sing, then clap" - Dr. Sarah Lopez

Violin duo of Mark and Michael Doering, clarinet, and piano played by Viktor Schektman. Tenors and basses sounded especially good throughout. 

Dr. Sarah Lopez, music director, welcomed parishioners and introduced the songs. Father Nick was the presider. 

Deacon Jim Walsh appealed for people to turn in their orders for message bricks for the walkway, and reminded us not to park in the bike lane. He made an appeal to the US Bishops annual anti-poverty donations. He then asked for volunteers for the ministry of hospitality, in efforts to expand their duties and make going to church a great experience instead of just a good one. 

He then appealed for volunteers for music ministry, mentioning especially smaller children, youth, and young adults. Youth ensembles were being formed, the Wigglies smaller children's groups were looking for more small singers. Jim emphasized that singers and instrumentalists of every kind and level were solicited. Teens especially, who may think "I can't sing, or I'm not good enough to play", were invited to meet with Sarah and step up to the challenge. "If you can sing in the shower, you are good enough to join." Guitar, bass, strings, percussion, technical work, behind the scenes, all were invited, even "crashing symbols". 


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