Thursday, January 24, 2013

St. Therese of Carmel 19 January 2013 5:30pm


Opening Come and Journey With A Savior
Psalm Proclaim to All of the Nations
Preparation O God You Search Me
Communion Pan de Vida
Closing City of God
Postlude Toccata by Hegarty

The presider was Father Nick. The cantor was.

The homily was the Wedding Feast at Cana, with the emphasis on inviting Jesus to be part of our lives and homes.

A day of fasting and almsgiving was announced for 22 January 2013. NDA Catholic Schools Week was announced for the following week. Placement tests were announced for Cathedral Catholic High School. A funeral services talk was announced for March 2-3. The program for lent sharing and discussion groups was to be Love Life Live Lent. Poinsettias were available to take home. These decorations from Christmas were free to good homes. A speaker from the Goretti Group named Lisa gave a short speech on the group's goals and activities. This group was founded to counter the false images of love in our culture. The celebration of chastity and authentic love was emphasized, and resources were shared.


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